Hot Dogs

Korean Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs



Korean hot dogs are the ultimate summer food you’ve never had.

While American corn dogs often have a cornmeal batter and are dipped in mustard, the Korean sister has a fluffy batter with a panko coating over it and can be topped with cubes of potato, Korean rice puffs or even Cheetos dust. The inside is usually made with hot dogs but sometimes you might find mozzarella cheese worthy of a cheese pull or fish cakes inside. They are then sprinkled with sugar and topped with ketchup and mustard. Since Abeles & Heymann are the best hot dogs around, we made ours the classic way with a yeasted batter and panko topping.

• 1 package Abeles & Heymann Beef hot dogs
• 1 ¼ c flour
• 1 tbsp sugar plus more for topping
• ¼ tsp salt
• 2 tsp baking powder
• 1 egg
• 2/3 c coconut or almond milk
• 2 c panko
• Oil for frying
• Wooden disposable chopsticks

• Ketchup
• Mustard
• Kewpie mayonnaise
• Sugar
• Pour oil into a shallow pot until it reaches about 2/3 of the way up. Heat the oil in a over a medium- low until its temperature reaches about 350F or until a wooden spoons boils gently when placed in the oil (and please go buy a food thermometer now)
• Separate the chopsticks and use one to press down the center of an A&H hot dog lengthwise until about 1halfway to ¾ of the way through
• Refrigerate until ready to use.
• In a tall glass, mix together the flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, egg and milk until a thick batter forms
• Dunk your hot dogs inside until they are coated. You may need to press the outside gently with your hands to ensure the coating stays on
• Then roll in panko placed in a shallow pan until completely coated.
• Place about 2-3 coated dogs gently into the batter. Fry for about 3-5 minutes or until the coating is golden brown.
• Remove from the oil and rest on a cooling rack. Sprinkle with sugar
• Top with mustard, ketchup and kewpie

That first bite though…..
Contributed by @cookinginhealss

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