Frequently Asked Questions

We only use kosher meat and ingredients. Kosher meat is meat from specific animals that are allowed in the Torah. For example, kosher beef is specifically from animals that chew the cud and have split hooves. For meat to be considered kosher, it must meet the following criteria:
It must come from a kosher animal.
The animal must be slaughtered in a specific way.
The meat must be salted and soaked to remove all blood.
The meat must not be cooked or eaten with dairy products.

While our products are available in many kosher independent grocers, as well as chain and box stores with kosher departments, our products may not always be available at a store near you. Yes, you can order our products online.

Once you’ve placed your order, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the order details including an order number. Pleasereviewthe information to make sure it’s correct. Once your order has been shipped out you will receive a tracking number.

We ship nationwide.

Orders are shipped on either Monday or Tuesday of each week.

Orders received after 1:00 PM on Tuesday or later will ship the following week.

You can choose either UPS or Fedex to ship your order.

The cost of shipping is calculated at checkout based on the shipping service you selected.