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Our company was founded back in 1954Oscar Abeles and his entrepreneurial nephew, Leopold Heymann decided it was time to go into the hot dog making business. Oscar was already a partner in a butcher shop when he brought up the idea of making his nephew a partner. When Oscar’s partner refused, they both left and opened a small storefront butcher shop in Washington Heights, NYC. Over time they expanded to a larger facility in the Bronx, NY. Since the day they first opened, Abeles & Heymann dedicated themselves to producing the most delectable, premium qualitygourmet kosher hot dog and provisions

For over 60 years we have continued following the founding family’s standards for quality, authenticity and mission to provide the finest kosher provisions available. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. We provide customers with theultimate experience in quality and serviceOur customers range from major club stores, supermarket chains, stadiums, and now online consumers!

At A&H we  make traditional kosher delicacies – pastrami, corned beef, salami, bologna, hot dogs, old world classics – beef fry, liverwurst, kishka,cervelat and modern better for you kosher products – No nitrate added reduced fat and sodium hot dogs, knockwurst, and cocktail franks – unique items like beer flavored and whiskey flavored hot dogs and cognac salami. 

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Seth Leavitt

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